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Arc'teryx Women's Fit Guide

Arc’teryx clothing comes in Trim, Athletic, Expedition, and Relaxed fits to suit all body types and preferences. Get a visual breakdown and see examples of each in the Arc’teryx Women’s Fit Guide.

Insulation & Layering

All Arc’teryx pieces are part of a well-thought-out layering system, and its midlayer insulating tops are no exception. The Cerium LT is a low-profile puffy that offers lightweight, compressible warmth with 850-fill goose down, but also features strategic placement of Coreloft synthetic insulation (which retains heat even when wet) in the high-exposure areas along the hem, collar, sleeves, and underarms. Another layering favorite, the Atom LT jacket, combines synthetic insulation with stretch fleece panels in the underarms and sides to make layering a breeze and to regulate temperatures during high-output activities.

The 24 Collection

The 24 lifestyle line from Arc’teryx combines premium natural textiles and technical fabrics with the company’s knowledge of the body in motion to create finely crafted, highly functional urban-influenced apparel. Minimalist yet protective, innovative and refined, 24 products are tuned to the rhythms of your everyday life.

Hardshell vs. Softshell

When purchasing outerwear, the first decision you need to make is whether you’re looking for a hardshell or softshell product. Generally speaking, if you’re going to be out in wet, stormy weather, or subjecting the jacket or pants to hard wear and abrasion from pack straps, harnesses, or ski edges, you would probably be better off with a GORE-TEX hardshell. If, on the other hand, you’re going to be out in relatively dry weather, and engaging in activities where you’re going to be moving (and sweating) a lot, a stretchy, breathable softshell might be the answer.

The Whiteline Collection

The Whiteline Collection is specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding in the backcountry, on demanding big mountain terrain, and at the resort. Materials and constructions shed show, minimize exposure, and offer extreme mobility, whether you’re going uphill or down. The new Lithic Comp jacket and pants in the Whiteline collection highlight the backcountry offerings, with GORE-TEX® hardshell technology in areas where you need protection, and Trusaro softshell fabric where you want flexibility and breathability.

Fall/Winter 2014: Backcountry

What it is about the backcountry that calls to skiers? Arc’teryx athletes Stian Hagen, Christina Lustenberger, Hanna Finkel, David Sanabria and Pablo Marrazzi share their thoughts on the freedom and challenges of skiing in the backcountry.
About Arc'teryx

Arc'teryx has become synonymous with the highest-quality clothing and outdoor equipment since it was founded in 1991. Its very first product, the revolutionary Vapour harness traded traditional stitching for state-of-the-art thermolamination technology, a technology that later set its second product, the Bora backpack, apart from all other packs. That wasn't enough though, because in 1998 Arc'teryx introduced a line of outerwear that set the standard for technical jackets and pants. Since its inception, this is a brand that has used quality and design to differentiate itself again and again.

Arc'teryx designs clothing and equipment for the most demanding climates on Earth. Only the best designs and highest quality materials are used. You'll find waterproof breathable laminates in areas where the heaviest precipitation hits a garment, such as the hood and the shoulders. In other areas, like the underarms, highly breathable, sweat-wicking materials pull moisture away from the skin. Whether it's a jacket, a shirt, a pair of pants, or a pair of gloves, the material is carefully and strategically chosen to do its job in that particular area of the garment.

Arc'teryx divides its line into six categories: Ascent, Whiteline, Endorphin, Traverse, 24, and Essentials. These collections, consisting of apparel, backpacks, and harnesses, are designed to make it easy to determine which product will best suit your activity.

Ascent, as the name implies, focuses on rock, ice, and alpine climbing. These garments and backpacks are designed to withstand the harshest climates while remaining extremely lightweight. Whiteline products focus on skiing and are broken into sub-collections designed around touring, big-mountain, and on-piste pursuits. Endorphin garments and equipment work best for folks who move fast in the backcountry, from trail runners to fitness junkies. Arc'teryx designed the Traverse line for hikers and trekkers who need to minimize pack weight and maximum moisture management. The 24 line products blur the line between outdoor-inspired performance and everyday living with style and comfort. The last collection, Essentials, is the most versatile, bringing high-performance, hard-wearing, reliable garments to a wide range of outdoor athletes.

Whatever your athletic pursuit, Arc'teryx offers a piece of high-performance clothing solution for your need or a selection of gear that sets the standard for quality. Using innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and the finest materials available, Arcteryx has earned a reputation as one of the world's leading gear and outerwear manufacturers. Once you have a piece of Arc'teryx clothing, you'll see that reputation is well-earned.

SV Explained

Outerwear for Severe Conditions

Severe weather calls for superior outerwear crafted from world-class waterproof fabrics and an eye for detail. The SV Collection fends off snow in the winter, rain in the summer, and it shrugs off the harsh environment encountered by the alpinist or mountaineer. These jackets and pants are simple, utilitarian, and finished with just the right amount of stylish detail. This is technical outerwear redefined.

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