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Arcade's Standard Belt utilizes high tensile elastic and commercial grade plastic to provide a rugged and stylish design that is the standard for every outdoor pursuit of yours, from shredding slopes to base jumping.

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Best Casual Belt

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

This is the best belt I've ever had in terms of comfort and it has proven to be plenty durable so far. The stretch in the elastic hugs your waist and the buckle isn't too heavy or cumbersome. It's comfortable and the only negative thing about it is that both sides of the buckle are pretty wide so it takes a little longer to thread the belt through your loops but you get used to it and once it's on, there's nothing wrong with it.

Great belt, great company

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

Yeah, I am sucking up to a pro skier. But he had a cool idea and I appreciate that. Sure, these existed before Arcade came about. But the belts are excellent, stylish and I was able to score one that my wife likes so she can keep her ski pants on.

Great belt, great company

Best belt ever!

    It is soo comfy. At first I didn't understand how a belt could be comfy but once you put it on you don't even notice it. It looks great and holds your pants up. The only problem I have is that it is a little challenging. Don't hesitate on buying it, you won't regret it.

    Best belt I've had!

      This is seriously the most comfortable belt I've ever had. I use it for casual wear and snowboarding. It holds the pants up great and hasn't shown any signs of wear. It seriously does feel like you're wearing sweatpants. And the colors in the picture are exactly what they look like in real life.

      Athletic? Fat? Belt works for both

        I bought this belt because I needed something to hold up my pimp FlyLow Stash pants. Plus Cody Townsend said it is awesome, and I'm easily swayed by the marketing of professional skiers (even though I can't believe he's a pro, I'm so much better than him).

        Just like advertised, the belt moves and flexes with you but still keeps your pants cinched tight. I liked how comfortable it made my waist so much, I started using it on my mountain bike pants and shorts too. It didn't take long for common sense to take over, and I was using it for hiking, climbing, and everyday use. It is just so much more comfortable.

        My only complaint is that the buckle is a little big so it is hard to get through some belt loops. And it can also dig in a bit when you're feeling a bit bloated from too many PBRs the night before. So...I ended up buying the Arcade Principle. Now this stays on the Stash pants where it was originally intended, and the Principle is my everyday belt.

        Buy this belt !

        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
        • Fit:True to size

        Just like Cody says... turns all your pants into sweat pants. Hmmmm... nice. I don't have a butt. If you don't either... this belt is a must. It will keep your britches up and put a smile on your face. If you do have a butt, buy it anyways. It's the most comfortable belt you'll ever own. No need to adjust or continually re-tighten. The Standard was the first Arcade belt I bought. I liked is so much, I have since bought other arcade models and given serval Arcade belts away as Christmas gifts.

        Buy this belt !

        Best belt ever.

          Well, maybe not ever- but I do love it. It really does make wearing a belt comfortable. I love the stretchy feel vs the constricting feeling you get from using a leather or web belt. Plus they are something different and cool that others do not have. GREAT for ski pants, fishing waiters, shorts- or when you are in a bind and want to strap a 6 pack of beer to your backpack.

          Do you like sweat pants?

            Well that's obviously a rhetorical question because everyone I know loves sweat pants. Guess what, Arcade belts make all your belts feel like sweat pants. Their stretchy to comfortably ride your waist in any hip hugging style you may choose. They'll easily hold up your snow pants, your weighted down cargo shorts, your skinny jeans and even a speedo with belt loops. They're as comfortable as a hug from Grandma, as tough as a 2 dollar steak and have more style than that guido guy you always see drinking jager and fist pumping to dubstep.

            Do you like sweat pants?

            Cody, as seen in my picture above, this is my favorite style buckle by far. Will you ever make more models with this push button buckle again? Threading backwards, this buckle is easier to get through many of my loops than the other flat style buckle available.

            Outstanding Belt

              Love the Arcade Standard Belt. It went outstanding with my ski pants. Plan to use it this summer with some shorts!

              Super service from Backcountry. They went out of their way to get it to me for our Spring Trip to Grand Targhee!!! Love!!!!!

              The Belt is Bi !!!

                That's right. She goes both ways.

                I've used my Arcade belt for some west coast snowboarding and it works like a dream. A dream you forget as soon as you wake up. Because you hardly remember the belt being there at all due to its comfort. True story.

                I also use the belt off the mountain for the same reason. So comfortable it doesn't feel like you are even wearing a belt. But, alas!, my pants still stay high and tight. Works with all of my jeans except one pair that has too narrow of loops. I think Arcade makes a thin belt too now? I'll have to invest.

                After months of use and abuse, still looks brand new.

                Will it work on the moon?

                  That I don't know, what I do know is it works quite well in pants. So I you can wear pants on the moon I'm guessing it would work there as well. This is by far the most comfortable belt I've ever used,same as the others with, classic style you can't go wrong. And at 22, do Sushi or do you want to keep your pants up with style and comfort? Go for the belt

                  YOU BUY NOW

                    Love this belt. It's like the iphone of belts, when you're used to a brick phone that barely fits in your pocket. Try these while you're out riding just once - you won't go back. Gives while you're riding so you don't feel constricted but still keeps your drawers up at a respectable height. At $22 you can't go wrong. You buy now.