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The ACR Electronics SARLink Personal Locater Beacon isn’t science fiction and not something that only Special Forces units are equipped with these days, it’s a life-saving reality that every outdoor enthusiast can have. A powerful 406 MHz signal, 121.5 MHz homing capability, and GPS positioning communicates directly with a world-wide network of geostationary Search and Rescue satellites. It even gives you the ability to send ‘I’m OK’ messages to loved ones and GPS location coordinates to those who wish to track your adventure.

  • Full-function test mode lets you know the SARLink Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is working properly
  • GPS acquisition test mode allows you to test GPS functionality up to 12 times over the life of the battery life
  • On-board GPS accurately notifies rescuers of your position within 100-meters
  • 406 MHz signal relays information to the worldwide SAR satellite network
  • 121.5 MHz signal relays your location to localized ground Search and Rescue operations
  • Optional upgrade capability to include non-emergency messaging and real-time GPS location to online maps
  • Bright LED strobe light is automatically activated when rescue signal sent
  • Lanyard features a clip on the end loop to secure to the outside or inside of a pack or clothing
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to carry in a pack or pocket
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Peace of mind

    Our group has carried one of these on a few trips, and in my mind, it adds a ton of peace of mind for us. We go up into some pretty remote high altitude mountain climates, and if something went wrong, we need a way to reach people in a place that is super remote. I will never go on a remote backcountry trek without a PLB again.

    peace of mind

      my favorite review [admitting I am quoting someone else] went something like this: 'heavy as a brick until you need it, light as a feather when that time comes'. happy to have this, did a lot of research, this one [when I was looking] was the best out there

      peace of mind

      ACR SARLink Personal Locator Beacon

        Something I now always carry into the wilderness, doesn't take up much space or weight. I have never used it and hope to never have to. It also provides those at home relief, especially if hiking solo.

        the spot has HORRIBLE REVIEWS from tried & tested people who did not get the service they thought they were buying. my favorite quote on the spot went something like this: "the spot is spotty at best, works off & on & more off than on"this is one item, if I needed it, I would want it to work!

        in two years of service that $150 SPOT will have cost you at least $350 meanwhile after two years this unit has still only cost you $390. And SPOTs customer service is possibly the worst customer service out there. ACR will give you a new device free of charge if you need to use it in an emergency.

        will this device work in the mountains...

        will this device work in the mountains below the Turkey border in IRAQ. Kurdistan to be exact? if so which one do you recommend for this area

        Why would you buy this one over the Q Link...

        Why would you buy this one over the Q Link 406?