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Fly Fishing 101: How to Tie Your Fly Line

We all know that there must be some work before you can play; it makes plucking that hog out from his favorite hiding spot all the sweeter. Preparing your fly line is necessarily painstaking, but doesn’t have to be painful.

Fly Fishing 101: An Into to Flies

Flies are ‘tied’ to imitate insects, invertebrates, baitfish, crustaceans, small animals, and other fish fodder. Traditionally, flies were tied with natural materials like feathers, thread, and animal fur or hair. Now, a range of synthetic and natural materials are used, sometimes on the same fly. Flies fall into roughly five categories: dry flies, wet flies, streamers, poppers, and saltwater flies.

Fly Fishing 101: Fly Rod Action Explained

In addition to length and weight, another way fly rods differ from one another is in their action. Loosely defined, it’s related to the flex pattern of the rod; the action and flex of the fly rod significantly affect its feel and performance. Rod actions are rated as soft, medium, and fast.

How to Choose a Fly Reel

Modern fly reels are more than just line holders. The correct reel will help balance the fly rod, perform smoothly, and most importantly, help you land that big fish.

How to Choose a Fly Rod

There are countless fly fishing rod options available and choosing one can be an overwhelming task. Find out what type of rod is right for you.