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Backpacking Stoves

Cooking on the Trail


Liquid Fuel

Although not as lightweight or user-friendly as canister stoves, liquid gas stoves aren't affected by cold temps or high altitudes which makes them invaluable for winter camping and mountaineering.

Canister Fuel

Canister stoves attach directly to a pressurized fuel canister via a screw-threaded valve. This makes them easy to use and lightweight, which is ideal for backpacking. However, they can be unreliable in cold weather.

Backpacking Stove Basics

When you're on the trail for days at a time, every ounce of weight and square inch of space in your pack matters. Backpacking stoves are lightweight, compact stoves that won't take up much space in your bag. Most fall into one of two basic categories: canister stoves and liquid gas stoves.