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How to Buy Men's Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist running shoes (for road running and trail running) use lightweight materials, simple construction, and minimal cushioning or support. Minimalist shoes rely on your foot to flex and absorb impact naturally. Barefoot shoes are an extreme example of a minimalist shoe. Determine the amount of cushioning you need and the amount of drop you prefer and go from there.

Focus on cushioning and foot protection and ease into minimalist-style trail running shoes by building up your mileage slowly. Off-road running with minimal cushioning and support requires strong feet and joints. Minimalist trail shoes offer less protection but you'll still find some with toe guards or extra-protective outsoles. Related Content Transitioning to Trail Running
Consider cushioning and drop. The more cushioning you have the less impact your foot and joints will have to absorb and some argue that the lower your shoe's drop, the easier it is to mid or forefoot strike. Ease into low drop, zero drop, and barefoot running shoesÑyour feet need time to adapt. Related Content How to Avoid Running Injuries