Hoji goes even bigger because of this ski.

The highly celebrated 4FRNT EHP returns for the 09/10 season with increased rocker in the tip for even better maneuverability and stability in variable snow. Its long turning radius loves to make giant turns down huge faces, but the added rocker means you won't be afraid to take it in the trees.

  • Flat camber underfoot lets you smear sideways in pow or tip on edge to turn on hardpack
  • Tapered tip and tail prevent hooking when you point it out
  • HI-LITEblock wood core provides light weight and bomber durability

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Here's what others have to say...

So I have a pair of the 2009 black diamond...

So I have a pair of the 2009 black diamond zealots in the 192, and am looking for a simailar ski that doesn't have real bad tail hooking at low speeds and are not going to be more base welds than factory base by the end of the season. would the EHP be a good ski

Responded on

It's a difficult call. I don't think this is the ski that you are looking for. Because of the rocker, the pin tail, and the long turning radius, these skis don't really carve a turn at all. They ski very similarly to a reverse sidecut ski in which you have to slarve and slide the tails out on all of your turns. In terms of the tail not hooking at low speeds you don't have to worry as the tail really doesn't engage at all. You can actually arc turns with the zealot, where as this ski you do more of a sliding/slarving turn. I was kind of disappointed when I skied them. The zealot skied like a fat gs ski, where it loved making long arcing turns. The EHP was really hard to get the edge to bite at all. On the other hand the bases are pretty bomber and hold up well to abuse. So it's a tough call. If I was looking for a ski that skied similarly to the zealot, this would not be the ski I'd consider.

Unanswered Question

So, I'm a reasonably experienced downhill...

So, I'm a reasonably experienced downhill skier. Id like a pair of ski's that i can do both some resort skiing and some alpine downhill. im 6'1" and 145lb's, are these a good pair of ski's for me?

(if it helps, i have a less aggressive style and tend to take a longer curving turn rather than sharp repetitive turns, but given local terrain im need to be able to do both)

5 5

Great skis

These are fantastic skis for any kind of soft snow, and if you don't mind making long turns (or skidding short ones) they are very respectable on groomers for a ski that is 116 underfoot and has very little sidecut. I had a pair of 186's and recently swapped them for the 179's, as I ski a lot of trees and tighter terrain where the shorter length will be more manageable.

When traveling I take these skis and no other pairs, as I know they'll be do just fine regardless of snow conditions. I am a little annoyed that Backcountry dropped the price on these by $80 a few weeks after I purchased mine, but the skis themselves are a blast.

4 5

Bombproof Goodness minus the weight of a bomb.

The early rise tip and tail gives the float like a reverse camber ski but the zero camber keeps you dialed in on the crud. Ski is bomb proof and can crunch over rocks. It amazingly comes out looking clean. Some of the coolest ski graphics to date in my opinion. Only downside is the weight. For touring this is not the ideal ski. Its a heavy setup even when I use my touring boots. I have Fritshi Freerides on them which beats the Marker Dukes in weight. Great ski for in bounds and slack country but leave them at home on a long day.

Got last years 4frnt CRJ's and I loved...

Got last years 4frnt CRJ's and I loved them. I am thinking about getting the EHP's but I don't know if I should go with them or just stick to my CRJ's. Heard they were great for big mountain and the CRJ's also get floppy at high speed.

Responded on

These are awesome skis. I've had the chance to ride them for like 5 days, and normally ski CRJs. The CRJs are more "fun" if that's a way to describe skis, but the EHPs absolutely rip anything at high speeds. They don't corner super tight, or do well in bumps, but they may be the best big-mountain/steep/fast ski I've ever ridden.

5 5

Get that Yakima rack, get these skis, and get the guy of your dreams.

I bought these skis because I recently purchased a used Subaru that came equipped with an empty ski rack. I didn’t want to look like a poser to other drivers and am no good with tools, so I invested in these babies. Life changing.

As soon as I started driving around with these expertly designed sticks strapped to my hood, I began noticing jealous salivating stares from raccoon tanned men. The next thing that started happening blew my mind. These men were following me like paparazzi flies on Britney Spears dookie. Anytime I pull over I get a barrage of would be boyfriends asking for my phone number and wondering if I wanted to meet them at (Insert ski bar name, i.e. Mollies, Tram Club, etc) later. Needless to say, my social/love life is thriving. There isn’t a night that passes lonely, I’ve canceled my eHarmony and subscriptions and I’m planning to use the money for ski bunny style clothing and accessories.

I recommend these skis to all my single girlfriends Subaru or no. Get that Yakima rack, get these skis, and get the guy of your dreams. My friend Kristy did it and she’s already been proposed to…TWICE.

Responded on

posers like you make me want to puke. these are badass skis meant for badass skiers and if youre going to take the time out of your life to write a review you sould at least mention the quality of these skis instead of just using them to show off.

Responded on

I found this "review" to be quite funny and I ended up picking up the 186's on T-Dock today. Probably not due in part to the "review" itself, but the bada$$ nature of these 4FRNT's. Regardless, CAllen, keep it up friend.

Responded on

Hey Crystal. So are you still driving around with those steezy 4FRNT EHPs on top of your Sube? I don't know if you get to Washington much but if so I was thinking that maybe we could meet at the Snorting Elk at Crystal Mountain. I'll be the one with the equally steezy green VW Camper bus.


Oh yeah, and what's your friend Kristy up to these days?

Responded on

Crystal: I would first like a picture of your skis, then one (or 2) of we can all drool. Actually I think the hell with that, I will just propose to you now, right in front of all these guys, and move to the front (or the back, prolly, since you are seemingly enjoying your 'boyfriend of the night' status currently-and hey, I would not want to stop that, you only live once, but... I:'m just sayin...) After all that is done and you want good clean excitement of a different kind, (you'll have to write for more details-notice I said 'clean'!!)) whaddaya say we get married-preferably on some waaay back-country mountain.. with our skis under our arms..Do I hafta buy a pair of these chick and man-magnet skis first? Ok, I will, itsa done deal....
But: pics first!

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EHP rocks

Hey i got the EHPs in 186 this season with marker dukes. I'm 6'2'' and 185lbs and 16years old. Ive always been more into big mountain and backcountry then in Park riding. Now im living one year here in canmore (home town of eric) and his cousin gave me the tip to get those skis, bought them......and i LOVE them. They are pretty stiff but i like it that way, so you can straight line a lot, drop cliffs without problems and land the right way. I even take them for park riding and do backflips and frontflips of the kickerline in sunshine village with them! And they are fun on groomers too, long turning radius but fun.
And if i am scared dropping a cliff, im always sayin, these are Erics pro models, they are made for stuff like that. So they push me too.
Even though for touring they are great, with the dukes they are a bit heavy but a lot of fun on the way down.
The flat construction and the slight rocker fit perfect to this ski........I never want to have another ski then the EHP.

EHP rocks
Responded on

Can you toss up a few more pics of the EHP's with the dukes? I just picked up the 186 and am thinking about either the dukes or the new f12's when they come out..

4Frnt EHP - Snowbird

4Frnt EHP - Snowbird

This is last years 186 4Frnt EHP. These skis are very stable at speed and almost feel a little reverse sidecut-ish in choppy/soft snow. Great ski for sure!

P.S. to see video of this line go to

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Can't wait for the Renegades!

EHP's have been an awesome ski since the first production. Stiff, fast, and hard-charging, just like Hoji- my favorite skier. These are not for you if you don't know what you're doing on the slopes. Don't buy these skis unless you are completely confident in your abilities. Buy these skis if you are certain you are going to make jaws drop with your incredible slaying skills. Not much for playfulness or forgiveness, this ski demands a competent pilot. They're still nimble and agile enough to negotiate rocky mountain and west coast slopess, but like the war off 1812, they aren't for New England. (Anyone get that reference?) Don't take 'em through the woods in Maine and Vermont, is all I'm trying to say.
These are great skis. I can't wait for the Renegades to come out! Bigger and Badder, oh yeah!

5 5

My go to off trail ski

This is my go to off trail ski, The harder you ski it the better it skis. Plenty of surface area to tackle any off-piste conditions. Flat camber, a little bit of regular sidecut make this ski very manageable on packed snow to get back to the lifts. This is by far one of the most versatile ski shapes available. The Tail shape of the 186 and 179 taper down reducing to allow the tip of the ski to float up and reduce running edge, which makes the ski much more playful. The 193 has a flatter square tail for those pushing the speed limit. This ski will open up terrain to those building confidence in the off piste and reward those who push their own limits.

How do these match up to the Rossi S7's?

How do these match up to the Rossi S7's?

Best Answer Responded on

The S7 (with the exception of the 195cm length) is a softer, more playful ski. It is a more versatile ski. The S7 has a much wider tip compared to its tail, and has a lot of sidecut. It is much turnier ski. The EHP is a much straighter ski with very little sidecut. It is also considerably stiffer. Both are great in pow, but the EHP is a much better crud ski, as it is stiffer, and meant to be more of a big mountain charging ski. The EHP is also easier to smear and slash turns with, and skis, in the soft stuff, more similarly to a reverse camber/reverse sidecut ski. The S7 has a lot more camber, so it skis a lot better on firmer snow. Both are great skis, but it really comes down to what conditions you ski most often, and what conditions you plan on skiing them in.

Responded on

i'm also having trouble deciding between the S7's and EHP's. does anyone else have some input?

I'm 5'11" 180 lbs. Is the 179 going to...

I'm 5'11" 180 lbs. Is the 179 going to be drastically short for me?

Responded on

I would say it depends on how well you ski and the type of skiing you will be doing. Keep in mind that rockered skis tend to ski a bit shorter. Overall I would say go with the 186. Hope this helps!

Responded on

I'd say you are on the right track with either the 179 or the 186...But: the longer ski will simply give you a bit more flat in powder, but then will not be quite as effective in the trees or at your local resort in the bumps. Honestly, with the width of todays skis, I would stick with the 179's, you'll get a bit more versatility with less effort out of them. And yes, 7 cm can make a noticeable difference, I promise you.. 2-3 cm, not as much...

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Still Rules It

Yeah after year, this is one of my favorite skis to get onto at the ski demos. Rock solid and stable, you can charge even the crappiest snow on these. It's not as surfy and soft as a lot of rocker style skies, but that helps to make it extra stable at speed and really fun to cruise around on when you hit the groomers. They're a little hefty, but still super nimble when you need them to be. The 186cm is the money length.