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When you're training for a triathlon, every day is a leap from discipline to discipline. Some days, you're going to be glued to the saddle in the TT position, and on others, you'll be living in the pool. And it's on these days, where swimming is the focus of your training, that the 2XU Swim Recovery Long Sleeve Compression Top will come in handy. With the Swim Recovery Top, maximizing your output while shortening your recovery time is now as easy rest, relaxation, and wearing a shirt.

In this day and age, the benefits of compression apparel are simply not up for debate. But, while the science of compression is simple to understand, the execution of that science is incredibly difficult. Luckily, 2XU has the Australian Institute of Sport and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in its corner. Constantly gauging effectiveness with its partners in research, 2XU has risen to prominence with both insightful design and innovative fabrics like the PWX series. Standing for Power, Weight, and Flexibility, the PWX Weight fabric used in the Swim Recovery top provides the ideal equilibrium of these characteristics. To achieve this, the material features elastomeric yarns that are structured through a high-grade circular knit in order to provide 360 degrees of flexibility. Meanwhile, the top's construction is blended at the back and chest with 2XU's nylon/elastomeric, tricot-blend Power Mesh fabric. Together, the fabric blend provides ample stretch, strong wicking capabilities, heightened breathability, and most importantly, effective compression.

Now, you might be wondering what it is that a compressive top actually does, let alone how one can be specific to swimming? Well, the top uses what's called 'graduated compression,' where the enacted pressure is regulated throughout the top, slightly easing vertically along the piece. Through this compressive design, circulation is increased by increasing the venous function (think blood veins). As a result, more oxygen makes its way through the blood stream, and it's oxygen that plays a vital role in reducing muscle fatigue. However, when your exercise is complete, the compression top also aids in your recovery. Once again, the promotion of circulation is crucial. With the top, the system essentially flushes the lactic acids that are a byproduct rigorous exertion. This not only reduces immediate fatigue, but it shortens the duration needed for recovery when worn during and after exercise. As for the 'swim recovery' side of the top, the same compression principle is at work. However, through the precise pairings of pressures and fabrics with the common muscular physiology of swimmers, 2XU was able to target the pertinent muscle groupings for swimmers. This means that you'll get a the right amount of compression in the right location for a recovery that's specific to your activity. The only thing closer to custom would be for 2XU to come to your house and sew the top onto you.

The 2XU Swim Recovery Long Sleeve Compression Top is available in the color Black/black and in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

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