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Trying to control today???s fat, burly skis with a wimpy little telemark binding is like trying to lasso a dinosaur. 22 Designs developed the Hammerhead with enough lateral stiffness to bully the biggest skis out there. And with five different pivot point settings, you can customize the Hammerheads for your style and terrain.

  • Improved lateral stiffness gives the skier more power and control
  • Underfoot cable routing provides maximum control and allows boots to flex at the bellows, not at the toes
  • Five different pivot point settings allow the skier to cutomize the feel of the binding
  • 2000lb Test cable, 6 point mounting pattern, and beefy construction prevent breakdowns
  • Spring-loaded HammerHeel makes flipping your climbing bar up and down a breeze (no more bent-over slide-slipping and cursing)
  • Has the Powder Magazine Skier???s Choice 2010 award in its pocket
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Long Live the Hammerhead

    With only one season on these bindings and only 3 seasons of tele sking I still feel confidant saying that these bindings have made for huge improvements in my telemark turning skills and my enjoyment. They really facilitate keeping that back ski weighted and the whole forefoot on the ski for far better control of that ski than the other tele bindings I have tried. Their stiffness also better allows me to apply my lifetime of alpine skiing skills to learning freeheel techniques. After using them for some long, steep skin tracks in the backcountry I have found that they work fine for uphill. Even for this I have not been tempted to move the cable pivots to less than the stiffest position, #5, where I always ski these bindings, but I could. I had been planning to get 22 Designs Axls for my next skis, but the HHs seem to work fine for the uphill, and I love them for the downhill, so am installing some new HHs on my new Liberty Helix skis. Too bad 22 Designs is discontinuing this masterpiece of Russell Rainey's design. Don't think tele skiing needs a strictly lift-served binding like the Vice, meant to replace the HH.

    sturdy attachments

      I gave up tele for a few years because of my old flimsy bindings and skis, but this season grabbed these bindings and some traditional skis (as far as that goes - past years Elan 999) and now I love it again. The spring and directional true-ness are sweet. They do what your feet do. Just right to me anyway. In the groomed or crud, I wish there had been deep powder, but alas, it was all good turning at the resorts. i didn't tour on them but I would guess they are worth the extra weight in more extreme terrain, but not extensive XC touring. Just a guess on that one.

      Great Binding, Get these!

      • Familiarity:I've used it several times

      This are the first tele bindings that I have bought. I really like them. Through them on to an old pair of skiis and tehy seem to work very well. They are easy to put on and adjust. Plus they appear to allow for some tweeking as i get better. I would highly recommend these!!

      Simply the Best.

        I cannot get over how amazing these binders are. I've been on the BD 02's for years now, and these blow em out of the water. I was impressed from the moment I hopped on! To start, the Hammis are SUPER versatile. I mounted them up for a yurt trip and put them through the wringer- touring, pow turns, backountry jump sesh, and even a jib sesh at base camp. They handled anything and everything with ease, and you can switch between the settings without any problems.

        They do come with the mounting instructions, which are easy enough to use if you read them about five times. In the end, they mounted up well- so if you want to do it yourself, you definitely can. Just make sure to measure your skis about twenty different times before you drill.

        I have these on a pair of Fischer Big Stix 120's, and they drive them like nobody's business. Their responsiveness is unmatched. I cannot believe that I sat on my heels in regards to getting these for so long- if you are even remotely thinking about getting a pair, DO IT.


        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

        These are by far the best bindings I have ever owned. I have been shredding with these for 2 years now and love every moment. They are extremely adjustable, deliver very responsive control over massive twin tip pow skis and are totally indestructable! What more do you need... buy a set!

        Shralp enabling crud crusher

        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

        The stiffest, surest big stick driving 75mm compatible bindings you can buy and worth every penny. The pivot pins can ice up on the mountain so have an ice clearing tool of some kind handy.

        This is the one.

          I've skied the Rottefella Cobra, the G3 Targa and the BD 02. NOTHING skis like these. By far the burliest tele binding (besides the bishop of course) you can get. And being able to change the "pivot points" is a really nice bonus too, helps you really dial in how your binding feels and reacts. Clamping these onto yours boots is easier than any of the above bindings as well (thanks to the "beaver tail") This is my 3rd season on them and I'm not looking back.

          Awesome Bindings

            I have skied these bindings on a pair of Fischer Watea in Tahoe and all over the east, both resort and skinning up back country. They are burley. Easy for climbing, solid for hard pack, and can be adjusted for soft powder. All around great bindings.

            Pretty Great

              I have been skiing the Hammerheads since the Beta testing. Overall I love the binding. I have reached the point where my Megwatts and the Hammerheads are overpowering my T1s and they felt floppy. I then switched to NTN and now I don’t know if I did the right thing. I still like the feel of my Hammerheads. What else have I skis? three pin, riva, three pin with Voile tele plates (who else remembers those), Bishops, Axles, super loops, and some of the new Black Diamond stuff not sure which ones. I really like the way you can radically adjust the cable adjustment point. I wish you could adjust it more easily for the uphill. It really is a pain in the arse. The binding is in position #5 is more powerful than the Axl in the further back position. I also wish they used the heavier gauge steel on the metal part because that does bend a little overtime. I have broken the plastic pit in the middle under your foot and gone through a few risers as they tend to burn out if you put them on another ski, oh and a cable or two. This is to be expected the years I have put on these. I wonder if what I needed was a T-race and another Hammerhead or maybe the NTN will feel better over time. It doesn’t have the same sole as 75 mill.


                I skied o1's on BD stigmas 3 seasons ago. The four screw front plate kept pulling out....most unsavory at the resort running the trail edges. A bud recommended the HH for the six screw front plate and a switch to a stouter metal core ski: K2 back ups. Like every one has said on this thread, the binding is superb for aggressive slam dancing on any terrain. I have them mounted on four other pairs of skis now. When you are on the lift, I'm the guy you watch and hate. If you want to tip toe through the tulips buy another binding. If you want to declare war these should be in your arsenal. :)

                Hammerhead Tele binding review.

                  Very tight skiable binding! Have not toured on it yet, but suspect it will be a medium tourable binding. I decided to go with a more ski friendly binding opposed to a great touring binding. We will see. I guess the Axel is suppose to be able to do both well. As far as a Tele ski binding I really do not think it can get much better. I ski aggressive and use the #5 setting and feel much more stable in crud and hard pack steeps. I have the hammerhead on new Coombacks (181). I ski mostly in Yukon Canada where the weather fluctuates frequently and conditions vary. Ill let you know how they tour in the backcountry!


                  Just picked up a pair of Rossi S3 (178 cm)...

                  Just picked up a pair of Rossi S3 (178 cm) at a sweet deal. Thinking about getting a pair of hammerheads for them. The 0" line on the ski seems pretty far back and the +5 line seem right but +5 seems pretty extreme. Any thoughts? If it matters I'm 5'6", 145-150lbs and where a size 25 garmont boot.

                  Write your question here..Hae jsut bought...

                  Write your question here..Hae jsut bought Scarpa 2 boots for ladies and
                  2011 K2 SHE'SBACK TELEMARK / ALPINE TOURING AT SKIS 160 CM. I need to buy some bindings. Do you recomend these 22 designs. I am Aussie and ski once per year in Australia with pretty dodgy conditions. ANd once per year overseas. I have just started out telemark downhill and not sure what is the best binding for me to improve quickly.


                  Same situation here...more or less. New to tele. Scarpa T2s in 23.5 and Black Diamond Starlet in !55cm. I'm 5'5" (165 cm) 110lbs (49kg). Need to find a binding! What are my options? I would like to get into touring. I haven't used my gear yet so returning would be no problem if someone has other ideas for a setup! (I have a "low volume" foot.)

                  Hammerheads are an extremely versatile and responsive binding. I've skied it on 80mm park skis to powering my big 130mm pow skis. With the different positions you can adjust how "stiff" the binding is and how active the flex point it. It is extremely bomb proof and I've never had any problems with it. If your looking into touring then I would suggest springing for the Axl. The tour mode is legit and the binding is way sturdier than say a BD O1. I ski everything from park to big lines on my Axl and it's never failed me.

                  I agree with Gavin. Since these bindings lack a tour mode I would go for the Axl's if you do tour or are wanting to get into touring. If you ski on piste then you won't find a better binding. The hammerhead is bulletproof (maybe literally) and a suprisingly flexible with its 5 different pin positions which "adjust" the resistance of the spring. Great for any telemarker who stays on piste from beginner to expert.

                  Wait for em to go on sale though, usually you can get em for well under 200$

                  Hi, I've got a pair of G3 Targas on my...

                  Hi, I've got a pair of G3 Targas on my skis now and would like to swap to Hammerheads - is the hole pattern the same? Will I be compromising the strength of my ski if I have to drill several new holes for the Hammerheads? Thanks

                  The 22 Designs Hammerhead, Axl, and Bombshell all use the same six hole mounting pattern. Black Diamond, Voile, and G3 all use a four hole mounting pattern. Mounting 22 Designs bindings on a ski formerly mounted with G3's will not be an issue. If you do put the Hammerheads on your skis, I would recommend mounting them a few centimeters forward of your previous mounting position, because the Hammerheads are much more active and responsive, and you'll probably feel like the carpet is being pulled out from under you if you don't have enough tail. I prefer my 22's mounted with the bellows of the boot at the boot center marking of the ski, or a few cm forward of that.
                  Enjoy. Hammerheads are the bees knees.

                  telemark binding for ARMADA TST. want...

                  telemark binding for ARMADA TST. want something that can lock down.

                  First off, I currently ride the BD 02's...

                  First off, I currently ride the BD 02's and man do they suck. So loose and floppy it's hard to ski aggressively without feeling like my Karhu Team 100's wanna come out from under me on every turn. The other problem I have with the 02's that make's me just as pissed is the "squeaking" sound on every dropped knee caused by, what I believe to be the boot sole on the plate.(Rubber rubbing on plastic) (Definitely not the cartridges) .........With that said, my question is has anyone had any similar problem with Hammerheads making noise/ squeaking like the BD's do? Is the plate made from similar crappy plastic like the BD's have? If they are quiet, then i'll have no problem pullin the trigger on purchasing some Hammerheads. Thank

                  I had a spring squeak for the first two days of use on brand-new bindings. Once I readjusted the cable tension after initial break-in, they're pretty quiet -- I think. We've had nothing but noisy conditions so far, so if there is still a squeak, it's faint.
                  Get a set. You won't regret.

                  That saying should be trademarked.

                  I was looking to get these bindings to...

                  I was looking to get these bindings to mount on a pair of Line Eps.I read in a couple of reviews that the AXL is a little better for touring. I'm not really too concerned with weight ad such (I usually just leave the cartridges on my other teles set how i have them on the downhill when I tour), and I was wondering if getting the AXl is worth the extra cost over the Hammerheads?

                  The axl is much much MUCH easier to tour on, but that will go for any free pivot binding. However, if you don't plan on touring more than 50% of the time your on snow, then I would say that the hammerhead would be fine. If you can deal with adjusting the pivot points for going uphill, the hammerhead is quite tourable. Also, the hammerhead has 5 different pivot points, while the AXL only has 3. If you tour alot, then go with the AXL, its worth the extra $$$. If you don't tour so much, then the hammerhead is the way to go.

                  Heel tension issues ...

                  Heel tension issues

                  Based on the reviews I read on this site, I recently bought a pair of HH bindings, and so far have been very disappointed. Help me!

                  Specifically, I'm having problems with keeping tension on the heel of the boot - I can tighten the hand screws on the rear C-loop as tight as possible while still getting the heel throw up, but as soon as I engage the binding, the heel becomes loose again. The C-loop isn't stripped (the threads are in the same position), it's almost as if the front spring isn't 'springing' back to where it should. As a result, I'm stepping out of the bindings 2-3 times per run, even tightening the hand screws as tight as they'll go. Any suggestions?

                  I'm skiing in the "4" position and have a large boot - 29.5. Thanks!

                  Best Answer

                  Keep it in mind that there is a left binding and a right binding, which is notable by the small ring hole for the leash to attach to the corresponding leash ring on each boot. That means make sure that hole is on the right side of the ski for the right foot and the left side for the left foot.

                  If you've got that 1st part straight, then confirm that when you flip the heel bale lever up to engage your heel, it goes under firm tension. If it doesn't take some effort, then you'll need to spin the springs to tighten things up. If the springs are spun as tight as you can get them, then you'll need to shorten the cable travel, and if my memory is correct, that adjustment is made under the forefoot plate.

                  If all that still offers no joy, then take in to your dealer for proper service.

                  Oh yeah, one more thing: make sure when you spin the springs for tightening that they are actually going INTO the rear hoop, not backing out, which will give you WAY too much slack.

                  BTW, I have been able to fine tune the tension on mine so that the bindings will actually release if I take a nasty fall, yet hold fast for some serious ripping.

                  One last thing: We all assume that you're skiing with standard 75mm tele boots, and not the new NTN or AT boots. Right?

                  It seems these need to be broken in. I think the new cables stretch a bit. I had an issue with mine gradually loosening during my first few days out on them. I would tighten them up, ski a few runs, and then check the tension.

                  Solution: Leave your boots clipped in to your bindings for a day or so. Check the tension at your convenience. This should quickly "break in" your bindings.

                  Just picked up some 10th Mountain Skis....

                  Just picked up some 10th Mountain Skis. Will mainly be skiing backcountry. Is the HH a little much for the 10th Mountains or will this binding work well? thanks in advance!

                  Best Answer

                  As much as I love the hammerhead, I think that it would be a little much for the 10th mtn. These bindings are heavy, active and absolutely bombproof. The latter is always good, but having a binding this heavy on your light waxless setup won't mesh well. I would look at a lighter binding for your skis, maybe a Voile 3-pin hardwire, which is also significantly cheaper and more tourable(The hammerhead is not free pivot, adn even though the hardwire isn't either, you can undo the wire for less resistance). Also, the Voile Switchback would be a great combo for the 10th mountain, and it has a free pivot mode as well. Happy Shopping!

                  Just got a pair of demo libery's with...

                  Just got a pair of demo libery's with hammerhead bindings. They are set up for someone with smaller boots. Is there a mounting measurement that could be used for remounting the bindings.

                  If you are mostly a backcountry skier, you will want to mount the pin line of the binding on the chord center of the ski. Since the ski was set up for demo purposes, my guess is that is how the binding is mounted, and you do not need to re-position. Possibly you will need to move the heal piece, but if it is close, I would not bother. If you are into lift assisted skiing at ski areas, you may consider mounting to have your boot center over the ski manufacturers mark for boot center on the ski. The 22 Designs website has a mounting template that will help you do this, should you decide to move your binding to this more aggresive position.

                  I have been skiing with Oslo Extremes for...

                  I have been skiing with Oslo Extremes for years. What bindings work the best with this old swchool boot?

                  Best Answer

                  If you're thinking about buying some new gear, start with your boots. If you refuse to leave the Asolo Extremes behind, then okay, but don't worry about what binding to use with them. Make one if you want. I was still skiing Supercomps in 1999 and arguing about leather v. plastic, but I thought I was the last one--or close.

                  Are we going to have to have a talk about using these newfangled "sunscreen lotions" too?

                  Tick tock tick tock... I want to buy these...

                  Tick tock tick tock... I want to buy these and the season is starting verrry soon. When and where can I buy HH for this season??

                  We have two shipments coming in on these bad boys. The first shipments ETA has already come and gone so these bindings are on a day-to-day basis for now. You can keep checking the website for availability or get set up with the "Email Me When In Stock" function. In short, any day now!

                  Alright so I have some questions about the...

                  Alright so I have some questions about the Axl in comparison with the Hammerhead.
                  1. How is it in comparison to the HH?
                  2. What is the advantage of the free-pivot turning system?
                  3. Does it have the same power as the HH?

                  1. The Axl offers the same downhill performance as the HH, but only offers three points of action adjustment (how strongly the binding pulls your heel back to the ski) whereas the HH has five.
                  2. The free-pivot TOURING system allows the Axl binding to pivot at the front, free of resistance, for use when skinning uphill, taking away a lot of the effort it would take with the heel assemblage pulling your heel back down.
                  3. Yes. Also, you can get stiffer springs for either the Axl or the HH.

                  Hi, I was wondering if these bindings will...

                  Hi, I was wondering if these bindings will fit the Scarpa T2X boot and I was planning on mounting these on a pair of armada JJ' you have any thoughts about this?

                  Quick question. Sell my Targa G3 ascents...

                  Quick question.
                  Sell my Targa G3 ascents and buy the 22 Designs Hammerhead?
                  Targa g3 ascents are barely used...
                  I have K2 wayback.

                  Unless you would like to have a free-pivot touring option, then you should get the 22 Designs Axl. If you are going to be doing mostly front side runs, with an occasional foray into the slack country, quick rolling ascents, then the Hammerhead is your choice for power and reliability. I'll never my first day on my Hammerheads at Alta, after ditching my Targa Ascents: Beautiful. Skied lines with grace and power I never knew I had. 22 Designs make the best bindings out there.

                  Are the hammerheads releasable?

                  Are the hammerheads releasable?

                  Nope. I've popped out of my Hammerheads before, but only because I took a nasty spill and hit the heel throw causing my foot to come out, and breaking the leash, too. In a severe fall or avalanche, it's possible that the HH could release your foot, but they are not designed to be releasable.

                  I'm about to mount a pair of HH's and I've...

                  I'm about to mount a pair of HH's and I've got a question. It's my first time mounting a binding and I want to know why the 22 designs has two different options on the size of bit to use when drilling. They say it's up to the manufacturer of the ski, but I always thought the size of a drilled hole accepting a screw was determined by the size of screw that was going to be used... The two options are a 9/64" bit and 5/32" bit. Which should I use? I'm thinking the 9/64", but just thought I'd ask before 'bitting the bit' so to speak.

                  The rest of 22designs instructions are great, but the bit size has confused me.

                  Anyone know when the AXL is due out. I...

                  Anyone know when the AXL is due out. I know where to get a set of betas but I want the final binding.

                  Need new bindings, mostly resort skiing...

                  Need new bindings, mostly resort skiing with some hiking and backcountry... Hammerheads or the new Axl?

                  Will this be too much binding for me if I...

                  Will this be too much binding for me if I am a beginner tele skier?

                  NO, that's the beauty of Hammerheads: they have adjustable resistance. You can slide the pivot point of the binding forward to lower the resistance and make it easier to learn tele turns, then, as you improve, you can slide it back to increase the resistance and get more power out of your turns. I highly recommend the Hammerhead for any level of tele skier...

                  This binding will be awesome for you! You can adjust the activity of the binding with its 5 settings to find what you prefer - great for a beginner as you will probably change your preferences as you improve. It is bullet proof as well (unlike some other tele bindings).